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Hi friends!

Yeah, we’ve been slacking on updating our website for a while now…but as you can see improvements are being made!  We are still on myspace and facebook and will continue to update those pages regularly, but we’ve been heckled from a few people that refuse to be consumed by the powers of facebook….so here is a quick update on things:

1. NEW and IMPROVED WEBSITE…but you already knew that.  Check back as we will continue to make improvements and add-ons over the next little while.

2. We’ve had a really busy winter/spring with a number of both bar and private gigs in the Toronto, Peterborough and Muskoka areas.  Our set list has continued to grow with a number new and old additions….so if you haven’t seen us in a while….make it a priority!!  As always, if you have any requests, feel free to let us know!

3. We have a new drummer!  Eric Gauthier is expecting a new, little bundle of joy to his life! (Congrats Eric and Anita!), and though Eric will be missed while he starts his family, we are happy to announce that Tamarack will not miss a beat with the addition of our new drummer, Eric Axiak! Welcome Eric!

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