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broken guitar blues

Living in Toronto while having family out West in British Columbia can create some logistical nightmares when it comes to travel. A fear of flying with my prized Martin acoustic has led me to purchase a $50 used and abused constantly out of tune banger that I keep in BC. You’ve undoubtedly heard the stories… traveling musician calls ahead and makes luggage concessions with the airline, meticulously and painstakingly packs his instrument and follows all the guidelines, rules and regulations. He basically entrusts his lively hood with the airline and what happens? Dreams (and guitars) get smashed. Sonsofmaxwell’s YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars” tells a classic tale of airline neglect and the power social media has to ‘influence’ multinational corporations. United mishandled his guitar, YouTube video posted… 12million views later and the guy has a new guitar

A word to the wise… if you need to travel with your instrument, drive if you can. If you have the scratch, buy an additional seat on the airplane for the guitar. If you absolutely must travel with your guitar, follow these guidelines below (originally from Chris Robley @ CD Baby):

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So you heard a song in a TV commercial and wondered “How much are they getting paid for this?”.

Since the beginning of broadcast television national networks and advertisers alike have worked to create more engaging and impactful ads. It didn’t take long to get to the point where you would see more celebrities during the commercial breaks than in the regular programming. Dean Martin would be promoting Chesterfield cigarettes and Marilyn Monroe would be shown enjoying a cold Coca Cola. Pretty soon band leaders like Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington would be selling their music to National brands to hock everything from Chrysler automobiles to Ivory soap. The approach was simple. Find a famous song that everyone recognizes, put it in the ad and you’ll sell more widgets as a result. (more after the jump)

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Think of most of the relationships you’ve had throughout your life. You get into it with all the best intentions, there is a honeymoon period where things go well, you have a series of highs with the promise of more on the horizon. After time things get to be a bit routine and the shine starts to wear off a bit. Things that happen on the periphery seem to have a bit more influence, people get older and their priorities change, bad habits begin to form and the relationship starts to wane. Then you come to a crossroads. (more after the jump)

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We’ve been fortunate to have played a lot of shows over the past few years. From gig to gig, the biggest concern we always have – especially playing at a new venue for the first time – is the quality of the sound. A decent sound system with a competent soundman can help make the experience a good one not just for the crowd, but for the band as well. Adversely, an ancient and incomplete sound system coupled with an inexperienced soundman can cripple the gig and make it unbearable for everybody. For the audience, especially in a crowded place like a club or a bar, the sound needs to be clear and loud. Most importantly though, it needs to be manageable.  Yes this is a rock show so it should be loud, but you shouldn’t have to scream and yell over the music to have a conversation with someone you’re close to. It’s never about volume for the sake of volume. That’s what a good soundman brings to the table. (more after the jump)

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I wanted to share an article from Steve Albini. Steve Albini is a recording studio engineer famous for his work with Nirvana, The Stooges, Pixies, Jawbreaker and Neurosis. His insight into the music industry and the way record companies operate offers a startling glimpse into the reality of the business. In the eyes of the majority of record companies, bands are not a group of individuals but rather operate as an entity or a profit center designed and developed to do only one thing – make as much money as fast as possible and at any cost. For every Adele, Metallica and Dave Matthews Band success story there are literally tens of thousands of examples of bands that had a glimpse of marginal success and were exploited, used and abused and then cast away.

Looking ahead to 2013, the music industry is in a period of contraction. The major players are either consolidating or going out of business altogether. The advent of online and file sharing has forced these corporations to re-examine how they do their business and cultivate talent. The way in which they deal with bands and structure deals are changing too. Although the industry is changing the mandates of the companies have not. They still need to make money. In fact, to continue to stay profitable they need to squeeze their assets (the artists) even harder to meet their bottom line.      (more after the jump)

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Tamarack Live

More shows, more shows, more shows.

The band is in full swing and we’re excited to announce two big gigs coming up in the following weeks. We’ve got a bunch of new tunes we’re working into the set and look forward to kicking things into high gear again.

Fionn MacCool’s on the Esplanade (70 The Esplanade) has been great to us over the past year and we’re looking forward to coming back to rock out and party the night away in true TAMARACK style. Pencil in Saturday April 13th in your calendars. We’ll likely hit the stage around 10pm and play until they tell us to leave.

Then on Saturday May 11th we’ll be making our first appearance at Toronto’s Bier Mrkt. The King West location (600 King Street West) has graciously opened their doors to us and we look forward to literally bringing the house down. Come out for a few drinks and then a few more. As per usual, we’ll be at the bar around 8pm and then hit the stage closer to 10pm.

We’ll be posting updates over the next few weeks leading up to these dates. With more coming this spring and into the summer things are looking busy.

Tamarack - Live @ Tattoo Rock Parlour

Greetings everyone.

Not necessarily re-activated but certainly a lot more active. 2012 was a big year for the band… Mike took over for Tyson on bass, we had some great shows in Toronto, parties in Grand Bend and Muskoka, a few weddings and corporate shows here and there all powered by the hundreds of kms traveled by everyone to make it happen. We met a lot of new friends and saw a lot of new faces in the crowd. If you came out and partied with us, we thank you.

We’re well into 2013 now and things continue to look up. A big push will see us play around Toronto a lot more this year. Confirmed shows at great venues in downtown Toronto like the Antler Room, Fionn MacCool’s and Bier Mrkt will set the stage for an exciting spring and summer season. We love to play live and will continue to every chance we get. As things get busy with the band, so do our personal lives. Stewy and Rebecca welcomed their son Duncan to our mortal coil this past January and Steve and Dani are expecting in July. Ax, Sean and Mike are busy with their own lives professional and otherwise. All this to say, Rock and Roll is what strikes the balance in our lives and we’ll continue to play out as often as we can.

Our plan is to get a lot more active online. You’ll see a lot more blog posts, post-show reviews, pictures and videos when we get them. Maybe a few other fun things when they come about too.

To our friends and families, thanks for sticking with and supporting us. To anyone that hasn’t seen us yet you’ll likely get the chance soon enough.


Hey folks!

Well, it’s been a while since our last post….yes, we have been remiss…but we have a good excuse!  2012 has been a busy year for Tamarack.  We punched out two brand spanking new tracks (check em out here: we rocked a few new venues, blazed some of our favourites, and cobbled together a shit-load of private gigs throughout the year.  On top of all that, we found ourselves a new band member…yes, that’s right, if you’ve been to check us out lately you’ll notice that Mike Orpen has now joined Tamarack on the live circuit on the bass!  Oh, did we mention that we added much new tunage to the set list?!?

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Hey friends!

Another one hits the airwaves for your listening pleasure! TAMARACK’s new single “CAN’T BE SAVED” is NOW AVAILABLE!!! Get it on iTunes, CDbaby, Rhapsody or Amazon….better yet, get it for FREE right here at

Check in again soon!
Thanks for all your support!

tamarack 19

Hey friends!

Well, we are gearing up for an ass-kicking 2012 gig schedule! We are rolling all over southern Ontario…hitting Toronto, Barrie, Muskoka, Grand Bend, Peterborough…and more! Check out our updated gig schedule here

Make sure to check back frequently for more updates! We will be adding more dates in a neighbourhood near you…

Thanks for all your support!

ps. TAMARACK is on Twitter! Follow us:

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