A quickie this week.

For our reading pleasure, a newly released study by Pacific Standard and conducted in France (where else?) concludes that a man is considered more attractive to the opposite sex if he is holding a guitar. Here’s the bottom line:

One sunny Saturday afternoon, in the shopping district of a medium-sized French city, this good-looking guy approached 300 young women (aged approximately 18 to 22). He introduced himself, declared “I think you’re really pretty,” and asked for her phone number so they could arrange to have a drink. For one-third of these brief encounters, he was carrying what was clearly a guitar case. For another third, he was holding a sports bag; for the final third, he was empty-handed. (more after the jump)

The implication that he was a musician dramatically increased the actor’s appeal. When he was carrying the guitar case, 31 percent of the women gave him their number. This compares with nine percent when he was carrying the sports bag, and 14 percent when he was carrying nothing.

Of course the results from one French mall (and an Israeli Facebook study) are not necessarily indicative of the entire world, but it’s nonetheless entertaining to see scientific proof of what we all already know: being a musician gets you laid. LOL that carrying a sports bag was akin to chick repellant in this study, worse than carrying nothing at all.

- Tamarack

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